Enemy CCTV as enemy AI eye..

I have absolutely tiny bit know of blueprint… I did follow the tutorial but I am still not good. Heh.
Ive try do it in apart topic but they both don’t fit together so I am put both in single topic as I fail to create both together. I don’t know if my enemy CCTV was really working or not as it do not call to enemy…

here a old topic-

as you can see I am learning, because our team do not have programmer to help us. yet. I am more artist and designer than programme(!) haha

How can I create like that

  • Ai idle at home location

  • Ai go check area when player was/been in trigger zone.

  • If - AI sense player in trigger zone with clear line of trace = chase player until player are out of line of trace.

  • If - Ai arrive trigger zone and patrol around for limit of time -

  • *]If saw player while patrol = Chase player until out of line of trace

  • *]Else - cant find player = then return to home location and idle.

  • If Ai collision with player = trigger animation player death.

Trigger zone = enemy CCTV use traceline… Enemy CCTV is Enemy AI eye. and enemy AI will be more than 5. sort of crowed control will need in that part… heh.

I would graceful if someone would happy to help me with this either create a quick AI and post PM me, post here to share or show us how do it.

please mind my English… It is not my mother language…

Try this series


Take a look at the blueprint example project, It has a nice CCTV camera blueprint that demonstrates communication. I easily modified this to notify my AI when the CCTV detected me.

Sorry, miss read. Thought you were look for the chase and patrol bit.

The easiest thing I can think of, is make camera a Pawn and add sensing.

Modify the Sensing area, and upon sensing, trigger event.

I use this for my turrets.


Can you show me the blueprint please? I want static security camera with line trace trigger AI to wake up… and go to location where security camera saw player or object.
I had been follow tutorial but it fail to trigger AI go to location…

Its under the Learning section in the launcher I believe. It’s the Blueprint example project, it might also be in the marketplace for free

yeah it is collision mesh security camera… I want trace line because Blueprint example project can see through wall or door.

Yay! I just got security camera working. Now it can see player. Pop up a trigger for text is working fine.

But when I look for sent trigger event for my AI follower. It is not there. How can I made my AI follower go to player location even if it is out of AI radius? Behaviour tree or blueprint? I was lost for hour and hour…