Enemy animations are not working

I have an enemy in my game, but his animations are not working. I use mixamo for creating character animations and they all work fine when I test them. The problem is: when I set animations for my enemy blueprint, there is no effect in game. Enemy moves arround with “T-pose” (look at the attached picture). I am new to UE, so please help me someone…

Show us how you’re applying the animations in blueprint.

Hello! What exactly do you mean with applying the animations in blueprint? I have already attached a picture of my blueprint with my animations… If someone can help me, please add me on skype. My skype name is: slycrespo

So you haven’t actually made you AI character use the animations in any way?

One thing is adding the animations, but have you told the characters to E.G. use “walk fwd” when actually walking forwards?
Are you using a pre-made blueprint from the asset store? How are the AI characters setup?