enemy animation issue

I am having issue with my player chase event

pls watch youtube video to see the problem

The Ai doesn’t really have a velocity.

If you’re wondering why it’s choppy I would suggest making the blend space better. Have an idle animation at the start, maybe set the blend space to 270 for the speed and have your running animation at the far right. If it’s the distance from the player that is the issue just adjust the acceptable radius to less. I think scrunching the run animation to only 1/4 of the blend space is adding to the choppiness

Right now with your current blend space you have your character going from standing still to full sprint in a speed of 25, I’m guessing the characters actual speed is around 600. So when the character stops the animation doesn’t blend between 25-600, only in the last 25 which makes it chop back to the idle pose

ty i will fix the blend space