Enemy Animation doesn't work

Hello everyone ones again. Now I am facing the problem with animating the enemy character. I am following the Twin Stick Shooter videos, and after making a main character animation (successfully) I can’t make the enemy character animated. I followed all steps which were made in TSS video and EnemyEMP and EnemyAnimation seems to be working well. But when I try to make EnemyCharacter Blueprint use the EnemyEMP (or HeroEMP), he still moves like a peuguin, not playing the animation. Can you help me find what I am doing wrong?

Checked if the EnemyEMP works with the HeroCharacter. It does. So something is wrong with the Enemy Character Blueprint


inside the enemy mesh, did you changed the animation blueprint? I suggest to create a copy from the player anim blueprint to avoid trouble, and, if so, set the new copied anim BP inside your AI character mesh

I made another copy of Hero animation and tested it on Enemy. Animations still doesn’t work. Even animation that works perfectly on main Hero.

Is thre anyone who can help me?

Can you post a screenshot of the event graph for your Hero animation blueprint…the “CharacterEMP” is what I believe it looks like from your screenshots? There may be logic there that is not following over to the enemy anim blueprint.

Edit: Are both characters using the same skeleton?

alt text

Yes they both are using the same skeleton

How is the switch handled for the transition to the Death State? Have you checked that all variables in your Player character also exist in your AI character? Something is missing since it looks like it doesn’t know which anim to play and when so it is unable to get to the end result for the states.

I found out what was wrong. The thing was that I was using the incorrect Skeleton mesh in my EnemyCharacter blueprint. Thanks everyone for help!)

Ah ha! Great glad you got it situated, that’s one of the reasons I asked earlier if they were using the same skeleton.