Enemy AI Moving to Patrol Points

Hello all. I am brand new to Unreal, so please bear with me. I have Googled and searched on, and I have been through the tutorials, and I cannot figure this out.

I bought a book called Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine by PACKT Publishing. It provides a lengthy tutorial on creating a first person shooter. Chapter 5 is Making Moving Enemies with AI. That is where I am stuck. I am pretty sure I followed all of the steps, but I cannot figure out where I went wrong. Here are my blueprints and level editor. Unfortunately, since I do not know where to go, all I can do is ask you to please look at my images. If you see something that doesn’t look right, can you please point me in the right direction?

When I first click play, my enemy character just stands in the same place. It never moves. I have 2 patrol points set up on my level.



I can only guess, because of the issues I had with AI myself. Are you sure that your PatrolPoint is assigned to Blackboard Key when you click on MoveTo node? Sometimes I forget to do this, and the Enemy won’t move.


No I am not sure. I went to the level editor and clicked on one of my patrol points. I looked at its properties in the Details panel and I do not see how to associate the patrol point with a blackboard key. Can you tell me how to do this?

Hi David, I had the same problem and found an explanation on another thread. I think the interface has moved on since the book was written. There’s a tick box in Project Settings> AI System> called ‘Enable BTAITasks’ that needs to be switched on in order for your Behaviour Tree to work. I also needed to change the Base Class of the Blackboard keys to Actor for the Patrol Point and EnemyCharacter keys. There’s a drop down list in the Blackboard Details panel where it says Key Type. Then I had to change the Behaviour Tree slightly to get the enemy character to move between patrol points (image attached). I also forgot to add a collision mesh to the second patrol point actor which also stopped it from working. I’m very new to AI by the way so this may be a totally hacky way of doing it. Capture.PNG