Enemy AI Line of Sight in Blueprints?

I wanted to know how to create a blueprint AI that uses some sort of raytracing so that you can hide behind cover?
I´m looking for something like LineofSight or CanSee like in the UDK.

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Check pawn sensing component.

Seeking the same answer for this question

ok, I will give it a try

Can you give some more information on how to implement this?


You can use a Single Line Trace By Channel/Object node that is set to be blocked by Visibility. If it draws between the two players, that will work as a “Line of Sight”. Then you can just drag off the results and get the array of hit actors to find if the other player is visible. I hope that this helps!


As example, Pawn Sensing 1 is PawnSensingComponent, of course.

At least I was able to do something. I added the pawn sensing component and the event OnSeepawn to my blueprint and it detects the player. Now I got the problem that my character is not moving to the player with SimpleMove.

I think I got it working with the solution above. Could you help me out moving the character? Simple Move is called but nothing happens and my character is movable.

Did you set navmesh bounds volume? Move To won’t work w/o navigation mesh.

Thanks, this solved it!