Enemy AI drop repel from ceiling, then rise back up?

Hey Friends,

I’m trying to create a blueprint for an enemy creature that sits on the ceiling of a level, then, once the player is close enough, the creature will drop down.When it hits something below it (which isn’t the player), I want it to rise back up to its initial position.

So far, everything works, except when my creature rises back up (on the z-axis), it just teleports back to the position. I want a smooth transition. Is there a way to due this without adding a timeline or lerping between two points? The goal is to be able to drop the blueprint into any area and have the creature fall on the z-axis for any amount of space – it will go back up once it overlaps with a non-player object in the scene. If you look at the first picture, you can see the smooth transition when I take the Enemy Location Z and subtract if by 5; this works well. But I can’t figure out how to apply the same in reverse. If I mess with my blueprints I’m able to get a smooth transition when my creature ascends, but it refuses to stop at the original point, so he just floats away into space.

Any help would be appreciated.