Enemy AI Constructor


I’m glad to introduce you Enemy AI Constructor — highly customizable blueprint system which allows you to create enemies for your single player games.


Price: $39.99

Demo: http://voidlantern.com/files/EnemyAIConstructor.zip
Documentation: http://voidlantern.com/ai.html

Enemy AI Constructor allows you to create enemies with various behavior in minutes. It is 100% done in blueprints. There are three enemy archetypes you can use for your enemies as a base:

  • Melee — chases and attacks player in melee;
  • Range — attacks the player and runs away from the player if he/she comes too close;
  • Magician — has the same behavior as range enemies, but instead of using projectiles they will use a magic spell as an autoattack. Magicians can be customized to use multiple skills in various situations. For example, they can cast Ring of Light, which will damage the approaching player.

You can customize parameters, such as: name, description, HP, MP, damage, movement speed, radius in which enemy will detect the player, and so on.

You can set enemies to patrol the level or a certain area, or they can stand still. You can create social enemies (i.e attack one, the rest of the group will attack you as well). There is a blueprint spawner to spawn specific or random enemies. You can define, how many and what type of enemies will spawn.

In Enemy AI Constructor you will find basic skills for your enemies: magic projectile and a meteor, falling from above. Player also can use skills and do damage to the AI enemies.



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