Enemies shooting through walls and other Static Meshes

Hello, all. I’m building an FPS shooter for a class project using the Shooter Game template. I have a new level built from scratch with a Landscape I’ve created. I’ve imported assets from the Infinity Blades: Grass Lands pack as well as the Kite Demo package. Even though everything seems pre-set for Collision to Block, my enemies are able to shoot through everything. Am I missing a step? I am using these assets (walls, pillars, floors, blocks, barrels) as-is, and haven’t added anything in.

Thanks in advance!

You will have to give us more information about your enemies -> your bp setup,… :slight_smile:

I dunno if this helps, but sometimes in some situations (depending on how you’re doing a projectile) the collider is too thin and the projectile moving too fast so it literally doesn’t hit the wall. Doesn’t sound like that is it though.

My apologies. I replied to this, but it seems to have vanished. I am using the prefab BotPawns from the Shooter Game demo. I haven’t played with them or changed anything about them or their blueprints.

As for walls being too thin, they are also shooting through floors and pillars and stone blocks. I also tried making the walls 5x as thick, and it didn’t help.