Enemies interacting with doors

Hi guys,

First of all, I am quite new to Blueprinting in Unreal, and I am actually a game Artist and dont know so many Programming languages, so pls dont get mad if this is a total noob question.

I made a small minigame where Enemies are spawned and you have to kill them. These Enemies are spawned behind doors. I want them to come through the doors into the “real” level.

My first attempt, which is built into the game right now, was that I create a Cube Trigger and when the Enemy walks into it the door opens so that he can get into the level. When the Enemy leaves the box, the door closes. The Problem with that is this one :
When there are two enemies spawning at the same location one after another. The first one opens the door, he gets into the level and then closes the door again. If the second one is already in the box as the first one leaves the box, the door closes and he can not get into level until a third enemy opens the door again.

So I wanted to know if some one here has a solution how I can do a better door system.

Sincerely Mike

Try Checking this on your Trigger Boxes… See if it helps.


On timeline finished you could check if there is still someone or something in the doorway and just loop off until its clear.

Off Finished maybe add a branch true with a delay that checks the trigger box and if something is still triggering the box cycle back to the delay until the branch is false then run your door closed .

This will also require a Do once attached to play from begging so enemies don’t keep re triggering the door open. once its clear you can reset the Do once.

Thanks for your Answer, but this didn’t help.
I’ve copied my Blueprint, because maybe it is something wrong with that :

Thank you, this solved my Problem :smiley:

Glad I Could Help.