enemies getting stuck in an area of map

Hi friends. I am having an issue with enemies spawning and getting stuck in the top half of a map i created. The nav mesh is showing up fine in that area and there is no collision that they are hitting. enemies spawning in the other half of the map move fine and chase the hero character. apart from nav mesh and collision is there a setting or blueprint error that could fix this?

Since your other enemies are chasing the hero character, I’m assuming that the stuck enemies are also supposed to do the same. One possible issue could be the AI being unable to find a path towards its objective. So try using the Get Random Reachable Point in Radius node with a very small radius and set this location as the objective. If the AI moves to these locations and not the hero, then it could be due to lack of valid paths.

You can also double-check the collision through the Show >> Tick Collision setting in editor viewport.

Thanks for the advice. I double checked the collision and pretty convinced thats all fine. I tried a few things with **Get Random Reachable Point in Radius node. **Can you clarify how and where to implement it. Struggling to find any examples online.


You can disconnect your existing AI behavior and then instead call this function at Event Begin Play. Think of it as a test to check if the AI movement system is working fine.

If the stuck AI at the top moves using this logic, then perhaps they are unable to find a path to the player.