Enemies are still hitting me when playing death animation

Hey again guys,

I got everything setup for a nice enemy. But when they die they get a animation (Not the problem) But when you stand at their death location they are sort of there so they cabn still hit you. Is there a way to fix it?

Thanks in advance!

Create a bool in your blueprint called IsDying or something like this and set it to true when the enemy dies and plays his death animation.
Check this variable before your enemy is attacking to make sure he is not in dying state.

Can you show me with some Bp screens or a Bprenderer how i can do that? Or do you need a screenshot of my enemy Bp first? So oyu know more

Maybe use this? http://blueprintue.com/ to show me

Create a variable on your blueprint:


Set it to true when the enemy starts dying

And check it every time your enemy wants to attack

How do i create that variable? Cus i am using a EnemyCharacter BP for his dying or di have to make a new BP?

  1. Screenshot - f1c0a4938cb77db74dec1cd46c101ce2 - Gyazo
  2. Screenshot - f9eebb3b7e649aefe306e9b8ff14d41c - Gyazo

In your EnemyCharacterBP on the left side is the variables section, just click on the plus to add a variable

And how di i get it purple like that?

Let’s say it like this: How do i get it like all that?

Haven’t got that Gameplay section in the variab;les section aswell

That were just examples, you should have your own functions for attacking and dying.
In dying you just add the set
In attacking you just add the check

but cant you sort of dupe my BP and add it in the blueprintue.com cus i dont even understand what you are sying now :’)

Sorry man, this is really basic stuff. You should probably look some more into the documentation your some of the tutorials provided by Epic.

Yea but i am quite new to this so