Enemies and Weapons from Bullet Train for Robo Recall?

Hi guys! I’ve been working on simple model mods for Robo Recall for a while now and I was just wondering about something. I played the heck out of Bullet Train when it first released for Rift + Touch, it was one of the coolest experiences I had seen out there. But nothing’s happened with those assets since Robo Recall’s release and I think it would be cool if a mod pack got released that siwtched out the basic walking robots with the red guys from Bullet Train and gave us access the the pistols, shotguns, and rifles used in it. I think it would be a really cool way to keep the Bullet Train going, if you know what I mean. ^^ Hope to hear from you guys soon, I don’t know how hard that would be but just wanted to put it out there! Thanks again! ^^

As for the red guys, I believe they are just recolored soldiers from Infiltrator, which you can download. I think they baked a more complex layered material down to one layer, so you’d have to do the same to get the same performance (actually, I think they are the same guys in Showdown too and they should already be optimized there).