[enduser] mouse settings are overided

as an end user of unreal engine, aka playing a game, which happens to be SAO: fatal bullet. the mouse settings are overridden, meaning it ignores my own settings which has been set with steelseries engine. which has custom accel. and decel., and just goes with what is picked in the mouse properties -> pointier options, windows own “enc. pointer precision” is pure cancer so im never gonna use that. this is annoying as fuck since fast movements are super slow and short, and slow movement are way to fast so you cant do small corrections. and iv even have it set so 2.5 swipes are 180 degrees to compensate for this. i know this is the case as it also ignores the launch configuration command. this is the only game that does this, so i dont know what is causing this. does it exist some command that i can write in the .ini to change this? or could this be hardcoded into the game?