Endurium for VR platforms

We started work on Endurium when we played Audio Shield and felt our movements were a bit restricted. We wanted the freedom to defend ourselves in whatever way feels natural in the moment. Rather than color code the particles for which hand is needed to defend against them, we rotated them to dictate which direction they should be attacked from with either hand. Further, the beams that require 2 hits can be hit twice with the same hand if you feel you are fast enough. Other beams must be hit while holding the trigger down, other’s can be reflected back at the drones that are firing them, and all the while you build up a charge that allows you to throw energy from your blades in an attempt to counter-attack.
Rather than fighting for score, missing a beam means taking damage, when a charge is built you can choose to heal yourself which also activates auxiliary abilities that you can choose to equip. Slow time to get a breather after a heal, raise a force field, or add lightning to your strikes and more. Combine the mod that allows you to throw your plasma blade with the mod that gives you a shield and gain a Captain-America like bouncing returning shield.

We were almost done when Beatsaber took us by surprise - we had been in development for 2 years but we missed an internal release date. We’re sad that we may now be seen as “a Beatsaber clone,” but alas we press on. Likewise, production slowed when one of the companies founders began a lengthy, and ultimately terminal, battle with Lymphoma. But now, we’re wrapping up, leaving things on the cutting room floor, and pushing to get this game into public hands.

You can see about Endurium on www.morallygray.net/endurium or our steam page at Endurium on Steam

I am personally thrilled just to see the steam page show up in a google search when you put in “Endurium Game,” its a surreal feeling.

And now, I’d love to ask for your support. I’ve asked Steam for a handful of Beta keys and I’m asking for anyone with a Vive or Oculus who is willing to help out to give a shout!