EndOverlap trigger after BeginOverlap

Hi, i have an actor (MainActor for later explanation) that can trigger overlaps events. All behaviour works perfectly, except in one case.
MainActor is movable and i can move it around, there are also 2 other actors, BActor and CActor. BActor and CActor are close.

When i move the MainActor on a BActor, it will throw BeginOverlap event, when i move it somewhere else it will throw EndOverlap, and up to this point it’s obvious.
But when i move MainActor to BActor and immediately after to CActor the last event triggered is EndOverlap, but the right sequence should be BeginOverlap->EndOverlap -> BeginOverlap->EndOverlap

The only workaround that i can found is to add a delay node to the startOverlap event, but it’s not a good solution.
So how i can check the right execution of this event?