Endlss Runnr Gme ( spclz in diff levels/worlds, chractrs)) upfront cash payment/profit share.......

Hi there !
I’m looking for teammates to build an Endless Runner Game based on Royalties.

  • We are paid $500 upfront during development (Before commercialization)
  • Each member has their copyright on the content they created within the game.
  • The content created by members will be analyzed and validated as a percentage of the commercialized game and their share of profits.

The Project is about a 3D Online multiplayer endless runner game with many different levels and characters.
1 vs up to 20 players with cash prizes for the winners.
There is no teams versus and co op mode will be present.
Each player will start off with full health and the first one to make it to the end of the game wins.
Temple Run style game with at least 15 different levels before reaching the end of the game.

Unique Features that had never been done before in video game !
Innovative GamePlay.
Innovative Character controls.
Tense atmosphere.
First and Third person view point.
Multi platform (if it’s possible)
PC Windows, PS4, XBox and Maybe Linux, Mac.
Great graphics and animations details.
Epic dynamic Music.
Most of the features in the game are in Random Mode to make the game really alive !