Endlessrunner FirstPerson How to dissapear the character after dying

Hello, in the dying event in the endless runner tutorial the guy in the video shows us how to restart the level with a console command. However I want ot do a first person endless runner and I also want to add that the character dissapears when he hits the obstacle. Now I have the problem if I place the destroy actor node before the delay node, nothing happens but the level restarts after the delay. The only way the destroy actor node seems to be working is when I place it after the delay node, but that’s not what i have been looking for.
Greetings FLY.EXE

It sounds like you are trying to destroy the character from within the character, and then the later nodes don’t work because the character has already been destroyed.

If that is the case, put the nodes you want to happen after the character dies outside the character somewhere and call it before the character gets destroyed.

no. i did it from leve BP.

it will be better to do this on behalf of obstacle. after all in did not completely get what his problem is