Endless terrain generation

Hi! I’ll may need some big explanation on this. This quiestion is quite complex, so I’ll shall give you some context

I am making a game, which will be set inside a moving a train. The train should move endlessly, stop sometimes at stations, and move on. One of the key points of the game - watching out the window. So this is where I come to the question:

I want to make an endless road scenery using some kind of procedual generation. So the chunks will spawn in front of the train, and despawn inbehind. There are 2 ways i can do it as I see it

*A static train and chunks moving pass it making an illusion of a moving train
*A moving train and static chunks

  • Perhaps you’ve got other ideas?

So the question is mainly about the chunks. In both cases I need to spawn them in front of the train automaticaly. But how should I make the terrain chunks? Make a landscape in ue4 and turn it into a static mesh and then work with it, or go with the second case and from start work with defaul landscapes? And then how may I spawn new chunks randomly, or at least pre-made? Or pre-make static meshes in blender and port them to ue and work with them like static objects?
However, won’t they have to much triangles?

All these questions are just for certance, The main question is how may I realize the endless scenery?

This exact question was answered recently by @Everynone ( hello? )

I think it’s this:


It’s even the same person asking? I guess those answers were not too good then!