Endless Space Environment

Hi guys,

I wanted to create a procedural mesh generating asteroids endlessly as I fly around; i want to be able to freely fly to any direction and not confined to a hallway.
Any idea how to do this? Thanks in advanced.

If it were me, I’d think of it differently. Instead of moving yourself around the universe, move the universe around you. That way you can create and remove objects as they enter your sphere of influence. As long as you keep adding and removing objects, and adjust their position according to your ‘speed’ and ‘direction’ you can create the illusion of an infinite space.

I like that idea alot, thank you.
Any thoughts on how to create that sphere of influence by any chance?

Well, I just used that term to express the area around the player that ‘experiences’ the universe. Its not really any kind of physical object. The actual distance at which objects appear/disappear is entirely up to you, its mainly down to how far out you’d like to see.