Endless Runner with Blueprints incomplete ?

Endless Runner with Blueprints:

Video 4:10 i got this without tutorials or the files… awesome.

A. Where is the download link ?
B. How make the bridges ?
C. How the powerups are made and work ?
D. How the pickup items move to the player ???

Hi Hevedy,

Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to review all videos in the lead-up to the seventh at this time; none of this is mentioned in videos 1-6?

Nope. Only in the last video.
*Or i don’t see that.

The whole point is to give the developer ideas as to other things that can done to the endless runner game type, not to show you how to add those new features. The point of tutorials is to help you learn and then let you loose to do your own thing. Not just duplicate his ideas all the time.

The tutorials are to get ideas ? not from my point of view i think…

Tutorials are not to get ideas. What I meant was that the last video was about tying up a few loose ends and then showing you what you could add if you wanted to improve upon the previous game. Remember this is a prototype meant to show the basics of making a game like this, not to actually teach you how to finish a product. Epic employees are helpful, but they aren’t going to spoon feed you everything. At some point you have to be able to work out the ideas you have about what your game should do and the features it should have. If he were to continue this tutorial series to show you how he did those other things and “completed” building a game then you would just duplicate it and never learn how to think about how to create those things for yourself.