Endless Runner Tutorial is a bit too Endless when packaged for Windows.

It seems to work fine in editor, or when packaged.launched for HTML5. However, when I package or launch it for windows, the floor tiles extend unchecked by my current position, and the floor tiles behind me fail to be destroyed. This results in an inevitable collision in the track, and makes it kind of pointless to show to my family. Can anyone help with this?

Can you post a screenie of your sections being destroyed?

Once I’ve finished downloading the 3 GB update to Unreal Engine, yeah.
Do you mean in the Editor, or in the Packaged result?

The blueprint for destroying the actors would be beneficial

Here’s a link to an image album of 3 pics:

The first is the game working in editor.
The second is the blueprint for the EndTrigger creating and destroying floor tiles.
The third is the blueprint for RunGameMode’s initial creation of floor tiles.