Endless Runner Tut- Video 7 'Hit a Wall' in event graph- dot product returns false

In the ‘hit a wall’ section of the event graph as shown in the final video of the Endless Runner tutorial series, the instructor is triggering the player death function on collision with a corner wall. He uses a dot product with the hit-components hit normal, and the actors forward vector, and checks the resulting value with the ‘nearly equal’ function, which expects a value of -1 when the player collides with a wall at 90 degrees. If it is true, the player death function is called. However in my event graph, player death is only called if I instead switch the adjoining cable for player death to the false node.

By doing it this way I can get the desired behavior, but for the sake of learning the fundamentals properly, I was wondering if anyone could help me narrow down why I’m getting false returned instead of true? I’ve attached a screenshot below of the relevant section of the event graph, but I suspect it’s a problem occurring elsewhere. This is the only part of the tutorial I don’t have completed and it’s making me feel a little OCD :-p

The exact same thing happened to me…