Endless Runner Shooter Template

Blueprint Endless Runner Shooter Template for Unreal Engine that provides core functionalities like modular tile creation, obstacle and powerups spawning and a mechanism to change gameplay style during runtime.

Marketplace: https://unrealengine.com/marketplace…ooter-template
Documentation: Endless Runner Shooter Template Documentation - Google Docs
Sample Project: EndlessRunnerSample.zip - Google Drive (Requires Template & latest version of Unreal Engine)
Template Video: Unreal Engine Modular Endless Runner Shooter Template - YouTube
Trailer Video: Unreal Engine Modular Endless Runner Shooter Trailer - YouTube
Discord: Endless Runner Shooter Template
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  • 100% Blueprints
  • Modular tile creation
  • Obstacle & Powerup spawning
  • Different gameplay mechanics (Runner, Shooter, Etc)
  • Mobile support

Trailer Video:

Template Video:

Mobile Video:

Added trailer video:

Documentation will be ready in a week.

Added sample project (Requires Template & latest version of Unreal Engine):

This template will be released in mid March.

wow cant wait

Added Documentation:

Submitted for review.

nice, hope it will be available in next few weeks

@tero83 Thank you for your support :slight_smile:
I hope it will be ready too :slight_smile:

Still no updates from Epic…
Maybe they are busy upgrading engine version and they don’t want people to submit for old versions…
I will post updates about the submission. Sorry for the delay.

The asset has been released!


Don’t forget to join the Discord server for support:

4.22 version has been released!

Added Mobile support:
This video was recorded using Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


This looks great! Definitely looking into buying it.

Are you taking requests for more feature updates to this template?

Features like:
•Melee within range (or could this be reworked with shooting?)
•A menu system, so you can select player, difficulty, levels etc.
•Saving currency after each level to a total number to purchase upgrades with.
•Permanent upgrade system/menu where a player can buy a permanent upgrade after collecting X number of currency while playing.
•Storing and selecting power-ups to use while playing a level.

Just some features that would be great to have.

These are nice features @RTE1984, I will add them to my To Do list but don’t really know when I can finish them.
Will let you know :slight_smile:


Please stop adding decorations to your titles. It is starting to get annoying.

What do you want to see in the next update?

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Hello, I installed the template on Unreal 4.22.3. When I play the included map called “Template Map”, the only movement that works is Slide and Jump. I’m not able to aim the character to avoid obstacles.

Also, when the character falls off the edge, it’s an endless fall. Is there a way to tell the game “Restart level if character touches Death Bounding Volume?”.

[USER=“2055030”]Crazy Draisey[/USER] hi there,

Are you in the Discord server? It is easier to help you there.
Discord: Endless Runner Shooter Template

I will check the problems and get back to you.