Endless Runner Question

So i was looking at the tappy chicken endless runner, and i noticed that the character stays still whilst the environment moves towards it.

My question is, is it possible to create an endless runner where the character can move in all directions (2d side scroller view), so he can move anywhere on the x and y axis, both horizontal/vertical and diagonal, plus at the same time have the camera slowly panning right in order to keep the character moving.

any ideas guys?

If its not possible, any ideas on a workaround? maybe have the character moving instead of the background and use portals?

It’s defiantly possible.

If the camera is constantly moving to the right, just spawn the level/obstacles/platforms offset to the players X and Y location. Every ‘X’ amount of units, make the system always spawn in front and above/below the player and simply destroy or move them when they are past (or out of view depending on your game).

Simply, get the … Player position (X,Y) + offscreen spawn offset (+Z, -Z, +Y) = Spawn level/obsticle/platform locations.

You could have the level or the player moving, but if I get what you’re saying… you would like the player to move freely around the screen. If so, it would be easier to have the player moving around the level rather than whole level moving around the player.