ENDLESS RUNNER - lag when passing Box Trigger w/ End Overlap Events

Essentially, when I pass through the Box Trigger that has my blueprint logic attached to it, the game lags.
This is especially troubling for the gates right before my corners / turns, because of the slowdown it’s hard to know when to turn.

I took a video to demonstrate the issue, and to show some of the added functionality I added to the Box Trigger.

Just ran the frame rate check and yeah, every time i pass the trigger box, frame rate dips into the red.

Okay, I think I figured it out. The more I wanted to be generated from that box trigger, the more taxing it would become.
On the sides of my endless road, I was calling a blueprint that had a building mesh and a ton of other static meshes (like a ton of sidewalk meshes), and that’s probably it. Maybe if i make 'em all and somehow bring them in as one static mesh (one big static mesh of the block instead of the 20+ little ones), things would go faster. Wish I could do it within Unreal!