Endless Runner Help

Hello I was following the endless runner tutorial, but i was wondering instead of making the player run, How would I make the player run in place and make the level (platform) move to the player. I did finish the all the tutorials so its up and running just trying to change a few things to make it my own.


Try this:

In your player character blueprint have your inputs set the player running forward, right and left.
For the floor meshes that are being spawn as shown in the endless runner tutorial, add movement to the floor tile in the blueprint using Add Actor Local Offset node. Checking if the player is running forward left or right and Set Actor Local Offset.


I am confused on where do I integrate the world offset into the blueprint?

Also where do I add the left/right movement on this blueprint?

Since your player is not actually moving you don’t need the add movement input nodes.

Inside the player character blueprint you only want to store the Forward Axis values and Right Axis values.

You can move your floor tiles based on these values.

Inside your floor tiles you can set the default movement of the floor tile with On Begin Play
Then when the axis value changes, the offset vector variable will change the position of the floor tile



Thanks I have everything set up like you have but when I run game character does not move nor do the level. i made the axis values 1 in movement to see it that works but nothing happen.