Endless Runner Help

Hey folks and folkettes,

Over the past few days I have been scouring the interwebs for blueprints and tutorials to help me finish my project, there are however a few things that allude me, if anyone could help, that’d be awesome.

  1. in game shop - to use said coins for powerups/cosmetics.
  2. lanes - like subway surfers

much like subway surfers or any other runner game, anyone know where i can make it? or help me out? I’d be much obliged.

Thanks guys, stay classy :slight_smile:

Try from there? I am plan to learn that too!

yeah i have that prototype. but it doesnt cover distance, or in game shop

It don’t cover distance?! Argh…
I was plan to start tonight but… Meh…

Hope someone can help… Or hopefully tomorrow I can try finish the prototype from this YouTube… And found something…

Let you know not many people with skilful blueprint would help us… I am expect we are alone in this

ive figured out a lot by myself, and editing other tutorials and making them fit the project. I changed my mind on distance logging

Just finished chapter 2… Tomorrow will carry on chapter 3… Heh.
You add something to this tutorial, what is it?

In video clip there are distance Hub I think in chapter 7? I haven’t go there yet. But I will disappointed if it was not included.

Is there anything I should know before I carry on?

Can anyone help me with my issue. I trying to spawn multiple floor tiles in the endless runner tutorial. The issue is that instead of spawning consecutively next to each other, the tiles are spawning within each other. If anybody knows ow to fix this issue, that would be much appreciated.