Endless Runner Help

First Question,

So I am making an endless runner and I am wondering, how would I make it, with blueprints, that after a certain distance, the track changes to a different style?

Second question,

How could I make some sort of boss spawn after a certain distance of running?

Last Question,

How could I make it so that the character gradually speeds up the longer he runs.

I am pretty new at unreal engine but any help using blueprints would be nice :slight_smile:

Hi Kamil,
All three questions can be answered by keeping an integer that you increase every time you enter a newly placed segment. Then if you would like to spawn a boss after x segments, you could do a modulus check on that integer to see if youโ€™re there yet.
As for the speed: speed += speedIncrement * segmentNumber. This is the simplest approach that should get you started. Are you new to coding, or just UE4?

I add speed to mine every time I pick up a coin, my builds up a little quick, so 45 seconds is good.

As Plok said, to change level type, would be the same as adding a Turn. When X happens, change to BP you are using for each sector.


Hi Plokkum,

Thanks for the reply, I am new to coding in general, I have a lot of experience in modeling and textures rather than coding, I have always wanted to learn though. So ill mess around and try to do something similar to when my level spawns a turn like Narghile said, and I will see how it goes.

Hey Narghile, how did you manage to Set the variable nodeMax Walk Speed, I seem to be able to only Get mine

Make sure to compile.

do either of you have any recommendations for tutorials for using blueprints?

There are tons on the subject on YouTube.