endless runner fps drop

Hello lads im a rookie game dev i just created an endless runner game but after playing for 2 min i got an fps drop! Im using lifespan to tires so they dont stay after the camera pass them still cant figure out what cause the fps drop thanks in advance! <3

Judging by many endless runner first attempts I’ve seen here, I’d say you’re spawning road pieces, and you’re spawning many of them on top of each other.

Plus doing anything on Tick would not help…

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Hey there @elPants! Welcome to the community! We’re going to need to see your blueprints for the spawning of the tiles, as Clockwork said, any users tend to spawn them or check for spawning them on event tick. If possible we try to avoid this by making the spawning only occur during an event such as stepping on the next tile for example.

@SupportiveEntity @ClockworkOcean hey guys thanks for the response i created an invisible box that everytime the player pass them it spawns a tire!

Can you show the code?

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Of course do u have discord? If yes can u add me? Addiction #8707 got a monkey pfp

I mean, you can paste it in here :wink:

Its blueprints thats why i said about discord

Yes, blueprints. You can use this


to snap the screen.

Or you can select the whole BP and copy, then paste it in with the text you’re typing ( I think ).

To add to this for blueprint only stuff, this site basically creates a copy of the nodes to be viewed and copied online. Basically a pastebin but for BPs.

But yes, as Clockwork said, images are also good as long as they are legible! Especially when it comes to settings questions. Since your issue is likely game logic causing it, the BPs should usually be enough.

@ClockworkOcean @SupportiveEntity

Ok, your main problem is here

You need to realize that Tick, runs EVERY frame. By default, that’s 120 times per second.

So you’re adding a 120 HUD widgets, every second.

Get rid of that part ( you can keep the movement bit ), and I think you’ll be ok.

so just deleting the Even Tick? Or should i replace it with something else!?