Endless runner character strafe functionality

Hi Guy’s,

I was wondering if someone on here might be able to help me. I extremely new to blueprints and I’m sure there is a simple solution to my problem but I am banging my head against a wall trying to figure it out… Okay here goes.

I am trying to create “Subway Surfer style” strafe movement for my character so he will move over into a left or right lane from a starting center. I.E [Example][1]

So far I have tried using the Launch Character function to do this however, if jump with my character and then try to switch lanes he will move over too far. I also don’t seem to be able to move him accurately in uu given the the players friction/mass/gravity factors that all seem to tie in with any and all character movement.

I have tried teleporting the character, using a force and impulse node and a bunch of other hacks but I still don’t seem to be able to get the level of accuracy I am looking for.

The center of the next lane I wish the character to move to is 400 UU away from the starting location, being a noob I assumed I would be able to just launch the character 400 UU left or right for success. If anyone could shed some light on this I would really appreciate it.

ok so I don’t have an editor on this computer to do any testing on this at this second but conceptually, if there’s only kind of 3 (positions) your character should ever be in aside from jump here. what if you disabled the basic movement commands and made 2 variables int position bool is jumping and tried a move to location command. this would let you kinda hand build your controls to suit your needs removing that physics issue? you will need things like <0 and > 3 checks as well as a is moving bool and bind A - D the increment and de increment Int position. but it might be easyer to hand build from scratch than tweek the existing system for such specialized controlls