Endless Light [WIP]

Now we (Atum Software) making a game “Endless Light”. Is a Sci-Fi Survival game.
Planet Mars. One of the first expedition. Based on some information from the book Dark Mission. The Secret History of NASA.
There is very early screenshots:

Nice cave!
What are those blue/yellow/green machine?

Thank you!
Is just prototype of drilling device :slight_smile:

This is old video. New video coming soon.

Some new screenshots. :slight_smile:


New screenshots from Endless Light game.

Some new screenshots and video :slight_smile:

This is group of our project in VC: https://vk.com/club85759776

Game reminds me of Space Engineers and Subnautica, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Looks interesting, keep it up. =)

Thankyou for support.
Our title has been accepted to Desura Alphafunding program. Endless Light goes to early access release.

Some new screenshots.

What modeling system are you using?

Blender. This is nice software :slight_smile:

Blender is also free! I love Sci-fi games. GJ and GL

Zero, I’d be willing to test it if I could.

Yes. It will be possible soon.

Some newest images:

Here are some reference photos incase you haven’t seen these. :slight_smile:

The Mars sunset is blue: http://www.nasa.gov/jpl/msl/nasas-curiosity-rover-views-serene-sundown-on-mars

So what are you surviving against in the game? Time? Monster Aliens? Environmental disaster? Something else entirely?

Also I had no idea Mars had a blue sunset… very cool Cdub!

Tech Demo is now avilable for free download :slight_smile: Link to IndieDB

Against Mars. No monsters.

New Screenshots