Endless Horizon online

NOTE: please let me know on here you sent an email because some of you go to my junk mail for some reason.

We are working on a game that is futuristic and sci-fi an example would be Mass Effect with different elements from battlefield/planetside 2 and EVE Online/Battlestar Galactica.

the worlds will be vast and rich in exploration, the space battles will be like EVE Online and Battlestar Galactica but with a twist. you, your guild or party members will be in one ship instead of every player controlling an individual ship. Players will be running around in the entire ship mounting weapons causing extra damage to the opponent, fixing the ship from the inside putting out fires, so on and so forth.
battling on the ground with massive battles like Battlefield and planetside 2 with vehicles to help you conquer a city from another player or even from the computer. Different planet means, different species, different creatures, different enemies, different resources.
If you would like to be part of this project let me know by adding me on skype with the email

lead c++ programmer- needed 
C++ programmer- , needed
Lead artist- Thomas
artist- needed
Lead 3D modeler- needed
3Dmodeler- rookkii, needed 
Animators- paul, mark, needed
voice actors- victor, needed
3D level designer- steven, konzett, needed
sound fx-

i will also pay the people that i can so paid positions are on a first come first giving (if i can afford your price that is.)

the game is already in development however we need more personnel to finish faster like I said before if you are interested add me on skype with the same email as above.

Updated thanks for joining

Sound like you guys will have fun connecting all those elements, Just out of curiosity how long you think it would take you to achive this lets say for arguments sake if you filled a few more positions? Or is your scope to create the prototype first then launch a campaign and go for the full prize?

our plan is fully development, however along the way if we can make a small Demo to launch a Kickstarter campaign or something similar then we will do it at the same time. If your typical game can be finished within 2 to 3 years I see our game between 5 to 6 years to be finished completely. however we can lunch between 2 to 4 years with minimal amount of content and keep adding overtime. To get the ball rolling

I see, Good luck. You seem to have set some realistic goals, do not forget what you just said, Often people get carried away especially after a kickstarter and keep adding and adding without being able to deliver. Remember as long as your team have fun making a game, people will also have fun investing to your cause and playing your game.

~Chris I.

yes I thought about everything that I wanted to put in it and I’m going to stick with it even after it for campaign. I am paying out of my own pocket to finish this game that is the only reason why I’m in accepting royalty and some paid gigs like it says on top of only the one I can afford. And thanks I’ll need the luck.

Interesting concept, nice to see someone pushing the boundaries in terms of scope. Good luck

Yea definitely going to push it to the limit

here are some models we have created.

Updated…thank you all that joined once again if you still like to be part of this project go ahead and drop me an email or skype me under the same email.

Team continues to grow. … updated

Updated… thank you steve and Steven for joining a fast growing team

Matheus thank you for joining

15 members and growing. Join a fun, active team that love working on mmo

Thank You Kirby and Kyle for joining

in need of animators and textures

In need of modelers

I added more attachments / screenshots

more screen shots

Still accepting people who are interested in developing a big game