Hello everyone!

I’m very new to game development in fact this is going to be my first game I make. As this is my first game and I’m more art oriented I decided to do something with simple gameplay mechanics using blueprints in Unreal 4. I started on the prototype a while ago, you can see the progression thread **HERE. **

Nevertheless I wanted to share what I’m working on on the Unreal forums as well so let me tell you about my project.

The concept is very simple, it’s an endless runner mixed with a basic shooting mechanic. Since it’s an endless game I had to make it randomly generated which turned out quite doable in Unreal.

I really like low poly art styles with realistic lighting so I thought why not make it now that I have a chance. I made a quick scene to test things out, however the game itself don’t have the art yet.

This is the scene I put together. I also made an animated low poly water shader and some wind effect shader for the bushes:

Now onto the programming part. I have most of the core mechanic done, which includes the character (mesh, basic animation, shooting and running behaviour), the randomly generated level with randomly generated obstacles and enemies. I also have a “start screen”, some particle effects and a distance counter with “high score” function. More in depth look about these on the progression thread. Here is a small GIF showing the gameplay:

My plans for the future is to dress up the level similar to the mock up scene, add some minor things such as disabling enemies when they are behind the player and some extra animation/aiming for the player.

Although the game is in very early stage and things are subject to change I decided to make it available for download so I can get as much feedback as possible. So if you want to give it a try and give me some feedback on anything, you can Download it here.

Thank you and I hope you have fun!