Ending Killer [Horror Game][UE4]

Hey my name is TheKillerey and this is my official first game on Unreal Engine. I had a game project 2013 with Unity but it was mostly lost.
So this game is an Horror Game with insiders (Me and my friend Quicksilver Sash). Right now Pre-Alpha so it needs alot work.
There is a complete Story and also many Easter Eggs and ofc Jumpscares :smiley:

Feedback is ofc welcome :slight_smile:

mmmh the better your kismet skill the better the game? hey it’s looking pretty already wich that eats the audience already cool : D.

The scenery of the forest is wonderful. Your lighting settings skill is good. ^^

@Neongho yeah I hope so ^^ tooked me a bit to get the result like that but yeah :smiley: [USER=β€œ758”]Keehoon Ahn[/USER] Thanks man I love to create lights at all ^^ But the most problem of this is the cost of all movable lights. I already fade in and hide in distance but mostly the fps is not the best at all for my graphics card. its a rtx 2080 super. I have also 32 gb ram xD but still 60 fps

So is this built on udk or UE4?

@O_and_N Unreal Engine 4 sry. Had it wrong in the titel :open_mouth: That confused me a bit