Ending enemy collision volume after AI death

Hey everyone!

First time posting a question for me, so forgive me if this was already answered somewhere else…

I have enemies in my prototype that damage the player via a collision volume in front of the enemy’s actor. this works fine, except it damages the player if walked over after the enemy is killed. I know where in my enemy character blueprint to enter a function to stop the collision, I just don’t know what function or event I would need to utilize.

I would like to insert this functionality right before the AI loses control. I am new to blueprint, so any and all help would be really great.

Lots of ways you could do it - add a boolean variable bIsDead and branch on it within the function that either calls or handles Apply Damage, or do similar with a Gate and on death, close the Gate. those are the first two that come to mind. You could also disable overlap events on the volume.
lots of ways

Ok, this sounds like what I am looking for! first off, thanks for the reply!

I have the nodes from the image all set up after an isdead boolean property, so I guess I would need to disable overlap events after death? how exactly would an individual go about doing that in the event graph?

Select the capsule in the top left pane, then right-click on the event graph to make a reference node to the capsule, then pull a wire out of it and in the popup menu, choose “Set Generates Overlap Events”. I think that will work. Sorry for the delay - a lot of posts got buried in a flood of too many notifications (I recently turned off a ton of AnswerHub notifications so I am finally catching up with it).