End of the world

I’m a little lost in the aspect I have no idea how to end my world I mean I get most things you know for example mmos you walk into a little corner of the map you’d get teleported to the next area i get that stuff by like the horizon and back ground and stuff how am I suppose to not look like well the way it does.

hey ! if your game is FPS then make walls or high mountains hmm… buildings?? or just invisible block . (cube)

What kind of game is it?

It’s an arpg and the idea behind this is I wanted to have 2 main maps the place the player returns to for various reasons and the world map the world will be comprised of 3 or 4 continents and a giant ocean. But I have no idea how to end these things for example what I want with the planet is for you to do what a normal planet would do once you reach one side of the planet you pop up on the other side of the map creating a giant circle as well as creating a correct horizon so it doesn’t just end and you fall off the map in said picture above.

Okay so those are two very different requests. Are you trying to actually build a planet - as a map?
Or do you want your map to just be linked to its other end infinitely? The place where the player usually returns to is called a hub world (usually), and then the open world.

A way to do what you want is shown in the image I uploaded

  1. You design your island
  2. You make a lowpoly version of your island
  3. You cut island into four parts
  4. You place the parts of the island in the corresponding areas (in the image, low poly versions are marked with lower opacity)
  5. You make a portal at the edge of your main map, that will teleport you on the coordinates on the other side of the map, in that same location, just the other edge, and looking the other way.
    (if the game is low poly, I guess this would be pretty seamless - but if it’s not, you might experience some stutter but you can find other creative ways to mask that transition.

The corners could be tricky so you can add impassable islands so that you could never approach another map from a diagonal angle (simplifies your life)
Just do a test run using a box as a map and put 4 different shapes on either side to denominate “landmarks” so you know which side you’re looking at it from and then make an example and show it to us :slight_smile: