End of Days : Multiplayer Survival Game based in America during an end of world scenario.


Story: End of Days takes places in an apocalyptic world, the world has fallen to a virus that has mutated people into blood thirsty creatures. Players will load into their own single-player or multiplayer world. Allowing them to work together to survive or take down other survivors. Players will have the ability to construct their own buildings, claim plots of lands, and work to survive during dangerous and unknown times. Players will have the ability to host their own servers to set their own rules as well as select their own map and number of players allowed to join. The game will also allow players to create their own mods that can then be implemented into their server. We will also be providing dedicated servers on behalf of Archage Studios for players to participate in.

Features of End of Days:

  • Survival mechanics
  • Multiplayer aspects
  • Dedicated Servers
  • First & Third Person
  • In-Game Store for skins, seasonal weapon models, emotes, costumes, ect.
  • SDK for mods
  • Base Building
  • Server Events
  • and so much more to come!

About Archage Studios:
Archage originated from a group of gamers who started a community for a variety of different titles. The community continued to thrive and grow but lacked in original content and provide players what they were looking for. Our small team came together and decided to focus efforts on game development, and using this title as our first official project. As we continue to grow our community we are also building their loyalty and trust! Helping us focus on the end goal publishing, giving us the platform we need to reach a large audience. We have a lot of projects planned, and aim to make this one a successful title, through members of the Epic community and through the gaming community we have built.

Open Positions: As of 1/22/2021

Project Manager: Is responsible for overseeing the projects development and ensure goals are being met within the allotted time. Will focus on quality assurance and making sure mechanics of the game match the overall expectations of the game. Should have a good amount of knowledge in Unreal Engine and be able to provide positive feedback to team members. Maintains communication among the team.

Programmer/Engineers: Is responsible for using blueprint knowledge to build important mechanics for the game. Should have a descent understanding of how to code via blueprints and be able to catch and fix issues that arise from development.

Network Manager: Is responsible for building and implementing network mechanics, ranging from dedicated servers, database management, login/register mechanics using the Xsolla software and other systems.

Map/Level Designer: Is responsible for building and populating the world to match a realist environment. Will focus on ensuring the environment is player friendly, and optimized to ensure stability during gameplay both in single-player and multiplayer mode.

If interested in the positions above, please express interest and direct all questions/concerns/comments to and we will make sure to respond as soon as possible.