End of Days: Coming Summer 2021

End of Days is an open world horror survival game set in a time when a virus has mutated human beings into flesh eating creatures. A world where players must work together to survive or reign supreme over the other survivors. Guardians also flood the map ridding the infected and other survivors from the world to prevent the spread of the virus. The game is packed with high level design, full day/night cycle, expansive sound design and top quality gameplay.

Major Features:
Survival Mechanics
Full Player Building System
Smart AI
Elaborate Farming System
Mission and Achievement Systems
Cooking & Crafting
Advanced Weapons System
Large Map (more in design process)
Dedicated Servers
Modding Capabilities
Server Hosting Capabilities

Socials: @endofdays_game
Discord: End of Days

Check out our official announcement trailer!

Steampage: End of Days on Steam

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