End Of Days #BetterLightThanNever


End Of Days


Student Submission: No

Credits to sourced content:

All models were made and textured by me apart from the assets below

Asphalt texture for ground.

zombie model
Pxltiger Zombie - Download Free 3D model by pxltiger [73ef58a] - Sketchfab

https://www.FesliyanStudios.com for the background music.

In editor

Additional in engine shots

  • Description

I love making post-apocalyptic type of environments, this particular one was inspired by the resident evil remake. This challenge made me think about certain light placements to highlight certain areas of interest. Hopefully, I can expand on this in the future.

  • Engine version 5.02

Hey there @sousinho!

The flashlight was such a brilliant touch to add to this scene. The zombie and corpse, however, gave me the creeps. :joy: The building aesthetic you’ve chosen is absolutely perfect. Especially when combined with the graffiti and the neon signs.
Great work and good luck in the competition!


Thanks! initially, I was going to make it a weapon but the flashlight made more sense for this challenge! I’ll make it creepier next time! :skull: :rofl:

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Turn the audio up a bit and the scene gets goosebump level of creepy. Something about zombie noises never sits right with me. :joy:

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