End Level Trigger doesn't work

Hello developers, i have a small, kind of stupid question, but i can’t figure out how to make this work.

So the Thing is, At the start of the map, there is a Trigger called ENDLEVEL trigger. (doesn’t work until you get the focus stone.) At the end of the map there is the Focus stone. and if you pick it up, you can leave the map. my blueprint is like this.

At the level blueprint i have written this:

Event actor begin overlap ( Focus_Stone) → Set End Level ( Boolean) to TRUE (False by default)

Event Actor begin overlap ( ENDLEVEL Trigger) → Branch, if End level is; False: do nothing. if TRUE : Create Widget:End Level Widget → Add to viewport

this has to work because i overlap with the focus stone, so the boolean is true, i go back to the start, then i overlap with the endlevel trigger, and finished.

BUT i overlap with focus stone, back to the start of the map and nothing happens when i overlap with the trigger. What could be the problem?