End key shortcut in Editor does not always work

By default the End key shortcut pushes the selected object in the viewport down until it “stands” on the ground plane. Usually that is working fine, however, it seems this feature is not always working (correctly). I noticed that when I put a large (camera) blocking volume above the ground plane, so that the object is above the ground plane but below that blocking volume, and I hit End, then nothing happens.

However, when I move the object above the blocking volume, and hit End, then the object “falls down” so that is aligned with the blocking volume – as if that would be the ground plane.

Is that a bug or a feature?

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Thank you for this report. I have not yet been able to reproduce this in 4.8.0 Preview 3. I see that you’re currently working within 4.7, is it 4.7.6 perhaps? Also, have you attempted this in 4.8.0 Preview 3?

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!

Hi, I have posted the same on the forums, and your collegue has confirmed the issue: End key shortcut does not always work - Feedback & Requests - Epic Developer Community Forums

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I’m going back to look at the project I worked on yesterday to see if there was a mistake made. Also, I have documented that this report has been filed. It’s currently still set as unresolved. If you would like to check on UE-16135 in the future, feel free to comment back here and I’ll let you know of the progress.

Have a wonderful day, thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks, you too :slight_smile:

Running 4.10 — Pressing My End Key Does Nothing… I would like some help with this. Is there a way to test that my keyboard/Numberpad is supported for Unreal 4?

(I was able to get this to work by finding that there was an offscreen window from a prior shutdown of unreal 4. Even though I thought I had exited out of my project… Apparently responding to this dialog, closing unreal entirely, and restarting re-enabled this function.

My laptop is Shift + End