End key shortcut does not always work

By default the End key shortcut pushes the selected object in the viewport down until it “stands” on the ground plane. Usually that is working fine, however, it seems this feature is not always working (correctly). I noticed that when I put a large (camera) blocking volume above the ground plane, so that the object is above the ground plane but below that blocking volume, and I hit End, then nothing happens.

However, when I move the object above the blocking volume, and hit End, then the object “falls down” so that is aligned with the blocking volume – as if that would be the ground plane.

Is that a bug or a feature?

Hi, any feedback on this issue would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi haimat,

This is expected behavior. Pressing the End key moves an object down to the topmost point of the object below the origin of the mesh. Typically this is used on landscapes or a floor mesh of some sort, however if you have a blocking volume and that blocking volume is set to collide with the type of object you are using the end key on, it will register as a solid object and the object will move down to it. If you want to avoid this, go into the blocking volume collision and set it to custom, set it to ignore the type of actor that you are attempting to place.

Maybe this is a missunderstanding, but I think I meant something else. Think of a ground plane (static mesh), and another mesh put somewhere above that plane. Hittend End now would push the mesh down to the ground plane. That’s working fine.

Now I put a camera blocking volume above the whole scene. When I select the actor now and hit End from my understanding it should still be pushed down to the ground plane – regardless of whether a camera blocking volume is above the whole scene or not.

Isn’t that a bug?

Hi haimat,

Ah, I missed the camera blocking volume and used a normal blocking volume! I apologize there. I’ve reproduced this on my end and have entered a bug report, UE-16135 to be assessed by the development staff.

Thanks, I am looking forward to a fix :slight_smile:
One general question: Is there any way for us “outsiders” to view/track status of such tickets (UE-xyz), or is this Epic-internal only?

Unfortunately there isn’t a public bug tracker, though this is something we may add in the future!

Would be a great addition indeed.
Until then we have to live with the ticket number … which on its own is minor helpful :slight_smile: