Encrypting/hiding packaged build files?

I’m trying to get a public build of my demo posted online pretty soon, however whenever I package the build, all of my media files show up under the game/content/movies directory. Is there any way to properly hide that from public view?

You should be able to package all the files into .pak files. In the Project - Packaging setting make sure Use Pak File has a check in it.

That should (I have not tested it yet) package everything into a single .pak file or you can break it up into multiple .pak files if you wish.

Use Pak File is enabled by default and as a result hasn’t helped. I tried messing around with some of the other packaging settings with no dice. Any more advice?

Are you using Project Launcher to package your projects? If so then the Project - Packaging Settings wont work. You have to manually check Store all content in a single file (UnrealPak) under advanced settings (available when you change cook options to by the book)


I followed your instruction and there is still a game/content/movies directory with all of my media files present.

No, this is not possible right now. Media files are currently packaged separately (all files in Content/Movies are simply copied over).

What is the ETA for this being possible? (Encrypting movies instead of simply copying them over.)

There is no ETA at the moment, but the request is being tracked as UE-44001.