Encounter with Unreal Engine.

It was one of my friends who introduced me to unreal engine casually four to six months ago and showed me some of the interactive stuff that was next to impossible in traditional architectural workflow (Vray and 3ds max). Inspired by the demo shown by the friend I dedicated some of my time to the research and development in exploring the possibilities of unreal engine in architectural visualization. C&C are welcome. Hope You enjoy. Thanks.

Models: Evermotion Archinteriors,

Ummm … errrr … wow. That is impressive … good job. 8-}

That was last min changes in the video. Sorry for the inconvenience.

cool project Raghu, the video (not the interactive demo) looks different (more realistic) compared to the stills or the other video (interactive), was “added” something in post?

Did some post processing in after effect on the cinematic video. Stills and interactive video are raw unreal engine output.

thanks, I guessed that. How much time for converting the whole scene? and how much time for baking light?

Awesome. Nice work Keep it Up.

It took 2-3 days to convert the whole scene that too with occasional shifting to other projects. Light Baking on high settings took 4-5 hours on i7 4930K overclocked to 4.35 Ghz and 32 GB RAM

thanks again raghu :slight_smile:

Looks Like Vray Rendering.

Beautiful piece, only thing I could offer to say would be to slow down the player max movement speed, I think by default it’s around something like 800-900? You could probably get by using around 400-500 so it doesn’t feel so fast. Other then that I think it’s a great piece, great work. I’d love to know how you approached your lighting, sets a great mood for it!

Thanks for the kind words, Much appreciated. I also think that reducing player movement speed will look better for interactive video. As for the lighting goes I tried to make the illumination as good as possible without Post Process and then using Post Process Volume to achieve satisfactory results(i.e using LUT, DOF, Contrast and Exposure). If time permits will make a detailed tutorial for the lighting approach of the scene.

Thank you for the time to reply, I hope to see more pieces coming from you guys :slight_smile:

The books and the planters seem fake to me. Not sure why. Perhaps they’re “too perfect”?

I too think this scene require more love on materials(you have a keen eye for details), specially Glass, Plants and Fabric. We made this to check if we can use it to make Architecture visualization and its a test project, comments and critics are so important to me to make it far more better then this.

Fantastic job mate

This is really cool …a fantastic job …i like the entire lighting and all that…If possible try to see how it works in a web browser. I would surely love to see this online…and also it would be good for clients if they want to view it online… rather than sending files over. If you introduce some GUI options like save and load …and take pictures etc … that would be one cool project.


Here are our scene setup for lighting and reflection control.






great work!

btw your website link doesn’t work, it has some formatting code interfering with it.

Thanks for pointing out the mistake, very much appreciated. (Problem Corrected)

Thanks for the setup info, that is really helpful! Nice work :slight_smile: