Encounter "Engine Corrupt" situation on Source Build 4.10

Hi , yea , I’m facing “Corrupted For Each loop” situation
and out of choice , because I’m running my project from a “Source build 4.10
which means I build my engine from the source and there’s no engine shows in the launcher
so how do I verify it ? how do I preserve my changes in the Engine ? (or should I should just hang myself?)
right now I have hundreds of BP showing Error , a 80gb+ project file ready to be toss into garbage can …
and walking on the road toward bankrupt and shutting down my company … thanks

Oh , never mind , just do a “Full recompile and it’s fixed” , never thought it would be that easy . so … problem solved !

Just to be clear , the solution is to open the engine file in Visual Studio ,
then just “Rebuild” it , takes a while but it went out successful and the problem is gone ,
so I’m guessing If your source files are still fine , you can fix the engine corrupted file anytime . cheers

Glad to see it resolved. Compiling and saving is critical in UE4. I would consider making a few backups across one or two external drives or USB sticks, and then test your project on newer versions of UE4 just to avoid a similar problem in the future.

Is there any reason in particular you are using an older version on UE4?

My project start from the begining , it was 4.3 as I remembered , slowly catch up with the update but one time from 4.10 to 4.12 I have to face a serious problem about the changing of PhysX3.3 to PhysX3.4 , I went through a lot of forum to find out that the “clothing tools” from Nvidia would only work on PhysX3.3 , the reason that I use the old tools is because my company doesn’t own 3Ds or Maya , what we have here is Blender and other free wares , so we have no plugins to catch up with the update , there is only old clothing tools for us , so that we could still make fancy clothing tricks .

Glad to see someone working with what they have! I hope you get there in the end and your result is something you can all be proud of.