ENCODE - Story Driven Cyberpunk Shooter

I haven’t really posted about this game anywhere yet, but I’m getting to a point where I think some feedback could encourage me to see this thing through to completion.
So, this first post is going to involve catching up on the work I’ve done so far.

The game is intended to be cyberpunk story game player from the first person perspective. Set in the near future I intend to present a world where the darker potential of current popular thought is partially played out. I want to tell a story that will challenge the political and spiritual world views of players.

This game is being worked on by just myself so progress is rather painfully slow given the ambitious scope of the project.

So without further adieu, here’s a bit of a dump of content made so far

The player’s weapon:

The player’s car:



The player’s apartment:

Police station interior:

And because videos are much more interesting, here’s some of those:

Some random exploring the streetscape:

Procedural thing for making cityscapes:

Pedestrian modular randomizy thing:


Pedestrian movement/AI code testing;

Over the last few days I’ve been working on some new small assets for the central market/shopping area of the city

I streamed some of the texturing of these assets to my youtube yesterday if anyone is interested to see my process;

Hi @Mittens,

I commend you on your current progress and encourage you to see the project through. I appreciate your use of procedural architecture, male/female character generation, and overall artstyle using vibrant colors against the grit. Hopefully, when you release it, its not over shadowed by Cyberpunk 2077 which I fear most Cyberpunk themed games will be compared to.

Thanks! It means a lot, I find it really hard to stay motivated to finish this project after so long. The release of Cyberpunk 2077 does concern me a bit given how similar it may be but I think I have gone for a different enough aesthetic (darker and more 80’s), also my game is a linear story, more like Half-Life 2, where 2077 seems to be more an RPG like Witcher 3.


You come to far to quit now. Trust me, I do understand the motivation challenges developing solo, especially with any project considered to be ambitious. You will find yourself in a lonely place. I’ve been recruiting more so for that reason than any other as its funner to develop with friends.

Today I’m making my AI cars able to drive smoothly across different road actors and choose different paths at intersections etc.

@Mittens Inspirational

Amazing! how did you create the characters? Maximo? Also how did you do the dynamic changes when they spawn in game? That is amazing.

The characters are split into hairstyles, heads, torsos, legs etc. and a new random combination is made by the blueprint as each pedestrian spawns.
The models are a mix of ones I’ve made and meshes I’ve extracted or modified from unreal marketplace assets.

Right now I’m modeling a scanner device the player uses to identify people and download personal information

I think I’m done modeling now, time to UV, texture and animate this thing

wow well done!

So here’s the scanner in game with animations and a start made on the read-out interface

I pretty much gave up on updating this log, but I guess there wasn’t really many new/interesting art assets made since my last post 6months ago. Everything became about the functionality of the story/quest system, dialog writing, music, polish, bug fixing, so much coding etc.

Anyway, the game is out now ENCODE - Available on Steam - YouTube

Can be purchase on Steam if it looks like your thing

Hey dude, Just to say the latest video upload a few hours ago has an age block…:wink: QUESTION: Is there a another channel for the game? As the videos you’ve shown so far don’t do it justice I feel. Why not put up a 5 or 10 min promo with a partial game play-through, or get some gamer / streamer footage. Overall, good luck with the release! :slight_smile: