Enabling world composition removes FPS elements

My game has FPS elements in it. I’m piggy-backing off the shooter demo. My levels got messed up and now the main level I’m working on is the persistent level and I’d like to use World Composition to add more levels. I’ve identified the issue being when I enable WC. As soon as I do, if I play my game in the editor then the mouse won’t look around, the gun isn’t present and all I can do is walk with WASD. Anyone have any ideas what the issue is?


I’ve gotten the persistent level maps switched the correct way and the issue still persists. If I load my additional maps in by adding them, everything works fine. When I enable World Composition and then load my maps once WC finds them, the problem happens. My character spawns in fine (1st Person) and I can move with WASD, but no mouse look, no weapon and no weapon sights.