Enabling VR to allow users to launch in VR?


Is there a way to setup our product to have an option for users to launch the game from Epic Game Launch in VR?

I know they can add “-vr” as an additional parameter but is there a way for it to “Just lanch in VR” if they have a VR headset enabled?

Saw some info online about being able to press “…” next to the game and it should have the options to boot in VR?

I had a look around our Developer Dashboard and can’t find any options to enable that?

Hi ML_cc!

Thanks for your question! This currently isn’t a supported function as VR titles are not supported in the self-publishing tool per the Epic Games “Considerations”. Which in this case, would not allow the games to boot in VR as well and does not have the option to toggle this.

Thanks for the answer. And these considerations are even for games that are not VR-only? In our case it can be played with and without VR.

So to confirm, the only way for our players to boot with VR option, is to add that launch param -vr?