Enabling the Online Subsystem Steam plugin prevents game packaging

Problem appears even in a completely empty BP only project with Online Subsystem Steam plugin activated.

Have I missed something or is this unintended behaviour?

Edit: Results in “PackagingResults: Error: Unknown Error” with a collection of other errors in the output log.

Log also includes “…\Windows/WindowsPlatformCompilerSetup.h(21): error C2338: Visual Studio 2017 version 15.6 is required to compile on Windows. Please install updates through the Visual Studio installer.”

But I don’t think blueprint only projects are supposed to require visual studio?

Edit 2: After further testing, it appears the problems is caused by the addition of ANY plugin.

LogDirectoryWatcher: Warning: Failed to begin reading directory changes for ../../../../../UE4Projects/Spellfield/Plugins/. Error: The system cannot find the file specified.

That is odd - the plugin should already have been compiled. Maybe to build your project, Unreal needs to compile the plugin into the project?